Sept. 8, 2008: Dr. Christopher Johnson talks with Jamie Mason about “How To Talk To Your Child’s Doctor“.   Click here to listen to the full interview.

Feb. 9, 2008: Dr. Christopher Johnson talks with Jamie Mason about “Your Critically Ill Child: Life and Death Choices Parents Must Face“.  Click here to listen to the full interview.

Reviews of How Your Child Heals

From Library Journal:

Recognizing the abundance of books offering guidance to parents dealing with the various ailments and injuries that children encounter, Johnson (pediatrics, Mayo Clinic) has taken a different approach. His goal is to explain in understandable language what happens in the normally functioning body, then contrast that, often at the molecular level, with what transpires when things go wrong. . . . many will find it helpful in gaining a clearer understanding of what’s happening. Because communication in the examining room is often poor, this book, clearly written without condescension, might serve interested parents very well.—Dick Maxwell, Porter Adventist Hosp., Denver

From Publisher’s Weekly:

Johnson (How to Talk to Your Child’s Doctor), a former Director of Pediatric Critical Care Service at the Mayo Clinic and Professor of Pediatrics at Mayo Medical School, tackles a range of childhood injuries, illnesses, and common diseases in a fun and educational way. With chapters covering health issues both basic (ear infections; allergies) and severe (cancer), parents will find a wealth of useful information laid out in a clear, easy-to-follow format. Intent on sharing how “fascinating, complex events appear to me,” Johnson begins with a very tight focus; in “Inflammation: A Visit to a Sore Finger” he asks parents to imagine a scenario wherein their 12-year-old comes to them midway through building a backyard fort complaining of a throbbing finger. The typical symptoms of inflammation are there–redness, swelling, heat, and pain. Using this simple scene, Johnson examines the understanding and ignorance of inflammation in Roman times and then delves into a wonderfully comprehensive and wildly entertaining eight-page examination of the process at a cellular level. His Fantastic Voyage approach makes incredibly elaborate processes read like the adventures he believes them to be.

Reviews of How To Talk To Your Child’s Doctor:

Here is what the popular parenting site Gruntlings had so say in its five-star review of How To Talk To Your Child’s Doctor:  (Click here for the full review)

This 288 page by Christopher M. Johnson, MD is a great read for any parent. It really helps you get inside of the mind of your child’s doctor and figure out how to best communicate. It tells you why most miscommunications happen, how to avoid misdiagnosis, and gives some of the best information I have ever seen on how to deal with a difficult doctor. This book is actually useful for communicating with any medical professional. Dentists, pediatricians, general practitioners, surgeons, and even your veterinarian. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Reviews of Your Critically Ill Child:

Here is what Library Journal had to say about Your Critically Ill Child when it named the book to its list of “Best Consumer Health Books of 2007”   (Click here for the full review)

Parents of critically ill children face difficult and stressful decisions that will affect their child’s life and health and impact family relationships. Johnson, former head of the Mayo Clinic’s pediatric intensive care unit, explains how these special-care units operate and tells parents what to expect while their child is a patient. Case histories illustrate what may happen, while suggestions for self-care and lists of questions coach parents to play an active role. Johnson tackles issues such as ethics and medical expenses with sensitivity. A unique and much-needed resource for parents.