Online sources of medical information

The internet has millions of bits of information, and some of it is even true. There are thousands upon thousands of blogs like this one; the only real way you can judge the truth of what I’m telling you, short of checking everything I write, is to either accept (or not) the weight of my credentials. As I wrote here, there are ways you can check on the reliability of what I’m telling you. You can also rely primarily on well-known (and well vetted) sites such as those of the Mayo Clinic.

Here is another extremely helpful site for you to bookmark. Titled the “50 Best Medical Libraries on the Web,” it is nice contribution put together by a nursing education site. What is particularly nice about the list of links is that they are grouped according to user, such as medical professional or general consumer, and by category, such as drug information.

It’s a good site to mark and keep handy. I have.


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